Jungle Sleepover party

The jungle sleepover party tent theme is an immersive and adventurous experience that sparks the imagination of every child lucky enough to attend.

With safari hats perched atop their heads, kids are transported to a world where wild animals roam freely, and the thrill of the jungle awaits. The party is adorned with giant, cuddly soft toys, each one a friendly companion in this wild expedition.

But what steals the show is the magnificent giant giraffe that towers over the tent, capturing the hearts of all who behold it.

Surrounded by amazing jungle backdrops, this party theme creates a magical atmosphere that turns any birthday celebration into an unforgettable adventure.

It's a great birthday party that promises laughter, exploration, and cherished memories for all the young explorers in attendance.

What's Included...

Everything below is provided when you book a themed 'Sleepover Party' of 2 of more tipis, with easy to follow videos & printed instructions for a simple set up anyone can do.

  • Tipis
  • mattress
  • Backdrop(s)
  • Themed cushions & Accessories
  • Themed blankets or quilt
  • Lights
  • Breakfast tray
  • Rugs
  • Step-by-step setup video & printed instructions
  • FREE set up and delivery for 4 or more tipis
  • All bedding washed.

Book your Sleepover Party...

  • Select the number of Tipis you require

    1 Tipi per-child (2 minimum) - all the decorations & extras listed above are supplied as a theme

  • Choose your dates

    Set your duration of hire (4 days as standard) by selecting the delivery & collection dates (ie Friday delivery, Monday collection)

  • Choose any add-ons then add them to your cart

    All add-ons are priced for the duration of hire

Sleepover party hire price list

We are a luxury sleepover hire with quality themes and lots of accessories. 8 amazing  themes to choose from! No hidden costs, all hires are for the weekend (3 night hire).  *There is no reduction for 1 night hire

2 Teepees- £99*

3 Teepees £135*

4 Teepees £165- set up included

5 Teepees  £195- set up included

6 Teepees £225- set up included

7 Teepees £255- set up  included

8 Teepees £285- set up included

**Extra teepees £30- We can accommodate parties up to 20


* We advise setting up your sleepover as a surprise the night before their birthday or when they are at school. **If you would like us to set up for you the Set up cost is £20

The Price includes

  • Delivery and collection
  • Weekend hire
  • Teepees
  • All bedding and mattresses including pillows- pillows have pillow protectors. Mattresses are foam with a hygenic PVC cover. CE Tested.
  • Rugs
  • Backdrops and accessories, lights and any extras related to the theme like snow machine, UV lights or bubble lamp etc.
  • Breakfast Trays
  • We wash your bedding